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kate c.

i can't believe that place is gone. (of course i can, but i can't.) i used to love that smell. it's part of so many of my memories of home for all those years. and every now and then i'd dumpster a loaf of bread, or sometimes if i was walking by as they were discarding loaves, some dude would give me bread.

Miss Heather



I feel your pile-driver pain. A few years back (when I still lived in the big ol' NYC) they were building a new high-rise behind my crappy slum of a building and every single morning at 7 a.m. that pile-driver would shake me out of bed. It was awful--particularly with a hang-over. Here's hoping the Stop Work Order prevails for a few more days.


Walking past the Tribeca bakery at 4am after too much at Sweetwater..or Kokie's...Sometimes that delicious warm bread smell was quite a relief...

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