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Mags also seemed particularly outraged that she was depicted as the grandmother in the faux blog! I was very happy that she also listed her academic credentials -- in case we suspected either of the trailer twins really could ever be mommy to such a brilliant, amazing child as Jonas.

Bwahahaha! How DARE they!


yeah, i read that and then wondered why she felt the need to tell even more people about the prank.

wouldn't you just shut up about it and quietly try to make it go away?

what is it about people that once a human being comes out of their bodies, they kinda sorta lose their minds?

she had a baby, not a lobotomy.

Judy McPissedOff

Why didn't I take screen shots! They took the fake blog down, damn it!


Thank you so much. I would have never stumbled on this site. I have a question for you, Judes. Why no Anthony Bourdain posts? Don't you watch his show anymore?

Judy McSickofHim

Funny you should ask, Osisbs. . . I was discussing Bourdain with my friend Julie recently and I shared that I'm kind of sick of his macho, cool-guy posturing. Though this quote offa Gawker about him cracked me up:

'It's also not going well when you notice your boyfriend of several months- a well-known TV personality- can only get off if he's having sex with you from behind while watching himself on TV...' ----Paula Froelich


Zero Population Growth NOW!!!

Baby blogs are yet another reason why China and North Korea should invade the US and set up lots and lots of "re-education" camps.

And I'm greatly disappointed that Gothamist gave this looney the forum to whine.

The Rev.

Mommy Margaret finally got a clue and put a pass word on her blog - ha! what a doiuche!

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