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"The slimmest girl on the runway may have a naturally high metabolism and healthy eating habits, while a slightly heavier young woman who has a higher body mass index might be in the throes of a terrible disease."

I just don't know where to begin with this comment. I'm a larger size girl and the only disease I have been "thrown" into is the ignorance of "normal sized people".

I could go on forevaaaaah about weight and body image, but I will spare you. All I will say is that I am 180 pounds, I love my body, a big meal, and given the chance, I will proudly sport my belly on the cover of V.S.

P.S. Doesanyone know where to get a burrito in San Francisco? I'm revolting against my holistic diet.


Perhaps Scarlett is intelligent when graded on the bubblehead actor curve.
There used to be a professional bicycle racer nicknamed "The Professor" because he read books. Granted, they were Stephen King books, but when compared to people who had NEVER read a book, he was Einstein.


"Wintour's grizzled sphincter"
you wordsmith! you've just made my day.


burritos in SF! one of my specialties.

--papa lote, 23rd/valencia. healthy, but you won't notice, as it's that good. their mole sauce rocks

--el toro taqueria on 17th/valencia. this is the real deal, old-fashioned stuff. and it's GOOD.

those two are my absolute favorites.

p.s. judes, so will the baby coming out of the pregnant marathon runner's size 2 jeans will be runway-ready?

the sleepy copy editor

sorry for the typo. still waking up.

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