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I agree- I enjoyed her narration; it was really funny. Couldn't they have gotten rid of one of the boring, ugly girls?


She WAS adorable and I loved her hair, but I'm bewildered that she didn't understand what "anti-fur" meant. What is there not to understand??


Awwww -- she was totally cute. Those judges were mean! Her stance on fur reminded me of the "fruitarian" Hugh Grant dated briefly in "Notting Hill."

"We only eat food that has fallen off the tree or bush."

So these carrots?

"Have been murdered. Yes."


I once went to a heart surgeon who had an ugly wart on his nose. I found a more attractive one in the suite below his.


Yeah not in the show's best interest to get rid of such a gem. What made her doubly funny was that she seemed to have put some serious thought beforehand into how she would answer such a question!


At least Naomi Campbell took part in PETA's anti-fur campaign. I don't understand how someone in a field (modelling) could be so oblivious to the issues important to that field (clothing and material).

Little Kathleen is certainly not slow. She's not moving at all. Though if she breeds with a doctor or lawyer, her offspring might turn out okay.


Cathleen was a whore and had to go.


I loved the "I know -- really."

Ivan Stavro Blofield

I want to see Cathleen in the next James Bond film, playing a superbrainiac scientist--with a name like Professor Hotty McSucksgreatcock!

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