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There is something that is worse than a root canal - what they have to do when the root canal doesn't work. It involves cutting your gum and scraping out the insides. Plus having stiches in your gum is just weird.

I had to have a root canal when I was 18. I'd never even had a cavity at that point. Then the root canal didn't work and they had to do the above. Twice. At least I got Vicodin out of it! :)


i get to have my first one soon -
as soon as I get sick of the pain.
right now it only hurts when i drink cold things.
but that's starting to be a problem.
i like cold things.

Judy McBadTeeth

I agree that stitches in your gums feels weird/horrible. I had that with my bone graft. The root canal is really not that horrible, M. It's unpleasant, but unless your dentist is incompetent, it doesn't hurt a whole lot.


Jennifer - me too! First one at 18. Two more on same tooth but still couldn't get it cleaned up. Then the cutting of the gum & stitches. THEN? Oh yes, there is a THEN? Then they finally pulled the f'ing tooth right out because they COULD NOT fix it. Awesome!


Rene - I'm pretty sure that's what's going to happen to mine eventually. The tooth has turned greyish and has been slightly loose for a few years, but I'm completely asymptomatic as far as pain or anything, so I'm hanging on to it for as long as I can. :)

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