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OMG -- where to begin? I will dispense with the "heterosexual perogative" that Jenny might shrill in response to such stupidity. But MAX as the one true character? Sure, if f2m trannies are all droning, monotones with zero sex drive, despite constant testosterone abuse.

And Shane hardly went the mommy route -- other than the cringe-inducing senstitivity session at the local grammar school, Shane was weird at Parents' Day and posed for an underwear ad. Shay didn't even have his own room, and then Shane screwed his best friend's mom on the kitchen table. Hardly losing her edge.

Harumph. Do not mess with Shane!

That was a very funny line about the Dutch Oven, Judes.

Judy McGuestbian

Thanks, Jules. Good point about banging the other mommy on the kitchen table. I'd forgotten.


and that little detail gives me hope about seasons to come! thank you!!!

p.s. i hate jenny.


Jenny IS quite annyoing. Why does she get our goat so badly? (Myriad reasons, I know, I know.) But I remember her in that voyeur movie where she played a stripper (I can't remember the name now)--was that her first film? Well, it was my first intro to Mia Kirshner, and I remember thinking how pretty she was. Now she just annoys. I guess it's the character.

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