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we are now all going to be stalking you there on thursday, judes!


stalk stalk stalk!
i'll be peepin atcha.


We had an upscale tapas place in my town (Lincoln, Nebr) where all the waitrons wore mock black turtlenecks and Dieter-style euro glasses. A small dish of three medium shrimpies with garlic was $9.50. Needless to say, they folded. The tapas I had in Hannover, Germany, on the other hand, were huge and four of us ate 4 plates of sardines, shrimp, squid, with four bottles of house wine and flan for less than 75 Euros (90.00).
I tried to convince the goofs here in town that tapas are supposed to be the food of the working masses and cheap, but they obviously knew more about restaurants and attitude than I.
Why did the restaurant on the moon close? No atmosphere.

The Hack

Regarding those stools at Dumont Burger: I've got ass enough for ten men, and I find that the trick is to rotate them 45°, so that you're sitting on a diamond, rather than a square. Let me know if that works out for you.

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