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Does she have enough room for me and my concubines and six kids?




While I know it seems excessive... thats pretty much how many Indian parents roll... I don't think I would have the heart to ask for that kind of cash from my parents but grad school, marriage, first down payment... the parents are willing to help out. I think a large part of it is the immigrant experience of having to work so hard, they don't want their kids to go through the same thing, even if they help out to ridiculous lengths.


Word, Shiny -- I am saving for my kid's first house/college, etc. I draw the line at a wedding though. She's on her own there.

kate c.



Don't hate. I paid my own way too -- I have worked non-stop since I was 16 -- what's the point if I can't help out my family now?

Judy McOliverTwist

I don't think there's anything wrong with helping your kid out, but I do think a 995k penthouse at 26 is just retarded and breeds the kind of privileged, noxious asswipes that now fill New York City.

Capn Jon

there's nothing wrong with helping your kids out - but $900K for a penthouse in trendy Billyburg? and her job is a publicity hack for an indy record label? What's her salary? $25K TOPS??? she won't even be able to afford the monthly maintenance and/or utilities....

Judy McPractical

. . . not to mention her cocaine! Who's going to pay her dealer? Budding record execs need their nose candy and that shit doesn't grow on trees. At least not trees in Williamsburg.


though i will always love that it used to grow out of a back room at the aptly named "cokie's." *that's* the neighborhood i called home for a decade.


"She added that parents or children with trust funds are buying about 25 percent of the inventory in Williamsburg." Well, you could just knock me over with a feather! You tellin' me those hardworking young kids in Williamsburg aren't earning those lofts by the sweat of their brooding little brows? NO WAY, man. I refuse to believe it!


If you read over the article [I had only initially read the first page] you'll notice that her parents are way more into the pricey apartment thing than she is. She wanted something small and not fancy and also wanted to keep her discount couches rather than buy new. They wanted a solid investment they can bank on in the future. Not saying its still not spoiling the kids [and I am also alarmed by this trust fund thing] but it doesn't appear shes all that bad.


Ok maybe don't hate the hate.... but sorry the imbalance seems extreme... I am going to be scrambling soon to find an apartment in East New York -it will be called the "UP and COMING" neighborhood where serial killers and coke whores used to roam- sigh.... in like 10 years....

I grew up a poor kid amongst wasp-ee trustafarians... Yup TRUSTAFARIANS.... you know the types that seem to swarm to Williamsburg for the "real" experience of life... I thought I escaped these assholes who tried on personalities to seem cool but had no substance.... now they were thrift store clothes again- not because they are poor but to seem troubled and kicking it in the hood...

I am sorry it is more about the lack of earning something that hits a nerve with me... Sure I want to give to my kids... but with a sense of earning iit..... to know the value of hard work...

Hell maybe the girl is nice... But hands down she probably lacks a level of substance that comes from hardship and working hard to earn what you have...

To me, unfortunaley, I find it hard to relate and do not have respect for someone who is given everything.


even if the parents bought her a less fancy apartment, buying a condo or coop in NYC is still not like buying a loaf of bread. it's a minimum $200K investment, and that's conservative.

character comes from working hard and earning what you get. does that mean parents should withdraw all assistance five minutes after a kid turns 18? no. but buying property for a kid, period, whether it's in NYC or lancaster, PA, and whether it's fancy or not, is way over the top, and something i can neither respect nor relate to.


Ok -- I am sorry, what a bunch of whiners. "I don't have any respect for people who have had everything handed to them!" Oooh, you're so strong and moral. What it really sounds like is "That's unfair, I want a free condo too. Boo Hoo Hoo!"


It's much easier to walk across a board on the ground than it is 40 feet in the air. Going to college, getting a degree, getting a job, being successful is much easier when safety awaits you upon failure.
Hence, the rich get richer and people who own safety nets are much better at walking high wires than people who don't.


actually, on the scale of what to respect/not respect, "folks who have everything handed to them" is a pretty reasonable thing not to respect.

anectdotally, i've found in my field (publishing), that the writers and editors who did not have it all, who did not grow up in a lot of privelege, have a far higher level of skill (not talent, skill). not always, but generally. when you're up against people who don't have to work second/third jobs (or, in college, who don't have to work period), you work that much harder to succeed. when you're paying your own tuition, you're determined to get your money's worth out of your degree. when you've bought your own property, even if it's a fifth-floor walkup in an iffy neighborhood a mile from the train, man oh man are you proud of being a property owner.

no kid should go without. but all kids should learn the value of money and work for what they get.

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