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I never met a Catholic girl that was scared to do anything at least two times. By the way, I grew up on the East Coast and as I recall, the definition of a nice Jersey girl was once that would put it in for you. Is that still the case today?


Lol. Hi Judy, I decided to read your blog from now on and comment regularly because you all enjoying having me around so much. (You know you do!)

And I agree with F&B. How can you call yourself a Catholic girl if you had the opportunity to sin and DIDN'T?? Stealing bath products is for Protestants. You have to have something good to tell Father at confession, or you'll never get his attention.


Also, I was the classic bad waitress. On good days, all I forgot was silverware. Most days, I would also forget drinks, appetizers, meals, even entire tables. I spilled things on customers. I mixed up orders, brought them the wrong food, or the right food congealed after it had been sitting out for twenty minutes. I always made just as much as the other girls, though. On days when I didn't screw anything up, I often made more than the girls who had been there for years. I had to start lying to them about how much I made so they wouldn't get jealous, lol. I guess that's because I'm pretty? I always had a boyfriend, though, so I guess the tips made up for the fact that I always bought my own drinks.


When the supreme beings take us over, anyone bringing a broken grill or vacuum back to Walmart will be immediately roasted and put out with a freshness date where the price should be. Really.


oooooooh, jersey diners. i'm from livingston but i've never been to that one in millburn -- sounds awesome! my first job was as a supermarket checker at Kings. they got scanners after my first few months there and posted a chart ranked from fastest checker to slowest. guess who was the slowest checker? ;) and yes, nice (jewish) jersey girls do put it in for you. but i'm not nice anymore, so...

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