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I can't wait to read a whole chapter dedicated to my miserable dating life (or lack thereof)... whether it's the Wican cat-voice channeler, or the woman who told me as I walked in the door on the first date that I needed a penis implant, or the one who confessed her love for a gay doctor in Germany during sex, or the one who handed me Viagra as we met and complained about my prowess, or the one who cried on the phone about how rotten she was prior to us meeting, or the one who called 5 times demanding to know where I was the day after our first date, or the one who let me go "downtown" and refused to return the favor because it (the act, not the object) was "dirty", well, to you ladies (and those not mentioned), I extend a hearty Thank You for helping my friend Judy...


Judy McHappy

Thanks, Jennifer!

Rich, you are the STAR of my book. Everyone's heard my pooping the bed story, but yours is all fresh goodness. Oh my. I owe you one. Several, really.


My whole life has led to this moment... who knew all that brow furrowing and lack of understanding on my part about women would come in handy some day...

All of North Carolina loves you, including my cat, my dog, my girls and the woodstove.


woo fucking hoo! i'm so excited for you. what a relief, eh? you rock. can't wait to get my grubby hands on it!

I am not Star Jones

yeah! yeah!

Rachel Kramer Bussel

I'm so happy for you and excited to read it! Seriously, there's such a dearth of real, honest, funny and just normal books on dating that are about things we've actually gone through, not some ridiculous rules-bound world. Congratulations! I'm sure it'll be but the first of many.

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