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OK. Who is "J.D.Fortune"??

Judy McShocked!

According to wikipedia, he won that INXS reality show. He's the new Michael Hutchence! As well as being a vegetarian and an ex-smoker. In J.D.'s own words: "I want to pay homage to Michael, but I'm not trying to recapture the past. I'm trying to fill my own shoes."

Word. Dude is obviously v. deep.


Cute pic. You look a bit angrier in the picture than you write tho.


I could spend all day on this. Who knew that I could look like Condoleezza Rice in one photo and Angelina Jolie in another?

If Barbara Stanwyck was my mom...she would've killed me by now

75% Barbara Stanwyck and 76% Monica Belluci--and all you can talk about is the boys...Sheesh!

Boy crazy; girl crazier!

Judy McFamousFace

I also apparently remind that computer program of Claire Danes and Denise Richards.

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