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PSH's hair *was* grody, wasn't it?
But what bugs me is this: WHY ARE THERE LESS AND LESS TUXEDOS ON MEN???
The only suit other than a tux that a guy should wear to the Oscars is something so absurd or bizarre that it goes beyond the pale into koo-koo-land. Like a suit made out of dollar bills, or raw steak or even something so mundane as skin-tight red latex.

But just suits and ties? Fuck that shit, y'know? You're all millionaire stars--send out your assistant to pick you up a tux! Sheesh...


awwww, MAN. i would've woken up sobbing too. you may know that i'm quite behind in L Word; last night we finally started on last season, aka Why Bother B/C the Bastards Are Just Gonna Kill Dana season. i was almost speechless when jenny reappeared; i mean, i've never forgotten that i loathe her, but OMG, she just gets more irritating, if that's possible. that lecture she gives her mother and stepdad when they catch her being obnoxious in her pink bedroom? give me a fricking break. i would have smacked her even if i were still a 19-year-old riot grrrl.

needless to say, spittle flew. i was knitting while watching, and i had fantasies about impaling jenny on my needles. once the scarf is done, of course.


Stick with pot. Heroin isn't so cool anymore.


well to be honest this is the only straight girl haven for L word addiction... there are plenty of us out there.... so it never bores me!

Yes, PSH's hair was uber gross and I think blonds and dreads are kind of tarded (being a blond I can vouch)... you can see the scalp too easy and that is yucky!!!

Not sure if he is SO NOT hollywood that it makes him act homeless... I hate that, I am so rich, I look poor shit... please come live in greenpoint on my street then get dreads and holes in your shirt from working at the metal refinery down the road...

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