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He's dating a 62 year old?

Judy McWrinkly

He was. Now he's banging presumably younger Quantas stewardi and set designers.

I am not Star Jones

yeah, even if it were ralph fiennes
if he started doing naked yoga in my apartment, i would have put his azz out.

after falling out laughing.


bwaaahaaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaa. he totally outdoes Sting! and you know how i feel about that waste of trees known as the NYP. ;)


the pictured posed is crow pose. i just thought you'd be dying to know. (and it's really hard to do.)

Judy McInflexible

Picture it done nekkid! Yuck!


You need to see "Spider" if you're an RF fan. David Cronenberg is sick. It's guaranteed to make you forget all about naked yoga, forever.


to me, the issue is less "yuck" than "danger! danger!" there's always a chance you'll tip over onto your forehead in crow pose, or just wipe out. you gots to have at least a little padding when crow pose goes wrong.

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