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Weak individuals who are unhappy in their lives tend to look for windows (escape) rather than mirrors (reflection) in an attempt to remedy the crappy lives they've built for themselves. They tend to be self-centered, ego driven, and crappy to be around.
The solution to being happy does not lie inside. Personal reflection on the decisions they have made or continue to make is not an option.
Yoga offers a easy window of escape and promises a new fresh and clean beginning....only it doesn't, nor do evangelical Christianity, Mormanism, Hinduism, AA, Vegatarianism, Amway, Joe Wieder, or Bowflex.
Ted, the recently re-heterosexualized crackhead, will be right back in the saddle before you can say "donate to my ministry", if he doesn't kill himself of someoen else, first.

Sex & Moxie

Read Shaeffer's latest blog post where he rants at the reporter. What an asshole.

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