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Haaaaaaaa ha ha!
that's so gross.


Was the grocer all out of oranges, saltines, and seven-up?

I am not Star Jones

when you are sick,
you need your comfort food.

Clearly Clamato is your man's comfort food.

Aren't you glad you know now?


ok does this seem like a very obvious statement/question.... does clamato have real clams in it?

Judy McSkeeved

Clamato is a mixture of tomato and clam juice. I'm not sure if this means pulverized clam, or just the liquid that's in the shell.

Either way, GROSS!!!!

The Rev. Spyro

Allrighty then -
Clamato is AWESOME AND GOOD FOR YOU! Thow some horseradish, lemon, pepper and worstichire in and it makes one hell of a virgin mary! I know a place in Boston serves it with a raw oyster on top.
I need savory foods when I'm sick because I can't taste anything and for some reason get really hungry - jalapeno based products clear up the sinuses -
So I over did it a little - sheesh
PS Judy isn't a bad nurse.


my bed partner is a mean nurse too.
she can't stand when I'm sick. I've never been able to figure out the psychology of it all but the bigger problem is that she's also mean when SHE's sick.

I love clams but I can't vouch for Clamato. It sounds like vomit-inducer in a bottle.
When I get sick I crack open a lot of fresh garlic and make whatever i have the energy to put together (cuz my nurse is too mean to do it for me).
boo hoo


bwwwwwaaaaaahaaaaaaaahaaaaaaa to the clamato. omg. that is so funny. i'm going to tell my bf that his weekly cravings for bologna and mayo on wonder bread when he's IN GOOD HEALTH suddenly seem so un-gross. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (sorry, rev.)


spyro, i'm sorry, but GROOOOSSSS!!! that combo of food-products (none of it is actually food) would make even the halest among us puke.

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