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i just want to take this moment to get all emo and say, "oh judy mcguire, what would i do without your writing to perk up my unperky days?"


Wow. Wow. I mean, it's, at heart, very sad and infuriating, but I can't stop cackling at its idiocy. Wasn't GLAAD mad at Eminem for like three years? I like his music, but you'd think these nuts would have embraced his slurs from 99/00.

Keep up the good work.

-Justin The Summer Interviewer.


hmm-lil kim?

Les Gullible

We love you, Judy, but you're about two weeks behind on a noted internet hoax here.

Judy McFailure

Yeah, I figured that out later, but what do you do in a case like that? Take it down? Nah.

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