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Oh my god Jules! I can call you Jules, right? I just about dropped out of my chair with laughter at your last sentence. You are too, too fab!

Judy McReferee

You have me confused with my friend Jules--I'm Judes! It's an easy one to mix-up. Though I'll answer to pretty much anything. Especially when you're nice. Thanks!

Pot calling kettle

"man-oh-manischewitz"? You've been reading James Ellroy again.

Judy McEllroyHater

Nah, that must just be burned into my brain. I am no longer an Ellroy fan. He's too stylized these days. Booring.


Nothing better than a good 'ol fashioned beat-down!
Provided of course that you are not on the recieving end of said beat-down!


Judes, I am really glad you and Spyro are getting into family planning.

I am not Star Jones

being compared to Deborah Barone by the voices in my head makes me pause when arguing with my bf as well.

That crazy baby maker Patricia Heaton has done something positive for the world, after all.


Ever wonder why Thai and Indian food have roughly the same ingredients, yet Indian always costs double to triple what Thai does?

Judy McPadThai

Not in NYC. They're both pretty even-steven in the cheap department in this town.

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