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When did she have time to write? Owning a house is a full-time pain in the butt.

Judy McHappy

Michelle is not mortal like you and I. She is a super-power. Cute too.


here's the deal re the house. it's scary dirty in here. i've lived here 1.5 years and have yet to mop. i haven't painted the pepto bismol pink walls, dealt with the ugly wood paneling, or even changed out the god-awful fluorescent lights. it's terrible in here. ;)

i think home ownership was probably not meant for single-living writers, now that i've experienced it firsthand, unless you can deal with your house being a wreck. that said, it's really no worse in here than any of my rentals, so i might as well earn equity while i live in squalor. har.


Gotcha. I live in a 2500 sq/ft 5 bedroom monstrosity and every weekend it's 2 hours of mowing, weeding, garden, windows, vac, propane for the grill, gas for the mower. In the winter it's painting, remodeling, wood cutting, fireplace cleaning, gutters, shoveling snow, and hauling alcohol to keep me sane.
I long for the days of just feeding myself, doing laundry and cleaning a tiny apt.


wow, that's a lotta chore action. i can't even manage to keep my 730 sq ft up. yes, you read right. my place is under 800 sq ft. at least there's that. ;)

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