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I didn't know S. Junger owned a restaurant.


Any friend could have told you that without the smell of fried food or money changing hands. I can't speak to the thigh-fisting, though.

Judy McTaken

Rhea: Yep. Him and some other writer own it. Our food was blah, though I've had good burgers there in the past.

Jules, I think she was trying to put a love spell on my man!


The Gypsies in Berlin used to drug their 4 year old kids so they wouldn't scurry around digging in the dirt and laugh and look generally healthy. They'd lay on a blanket on the sidewalk all zoned out while thier "mothers" panhandled for spare change. It wasn't just one or two, they were on every street corner and all the children had the same gaunt and empty stare, much like the post-lobotomy Jack in Cuckoo's Nest. How very, very sad.

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