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"MY MOM'S NOT GAY!!" I think that kid is played by Ryder Robinson. Toxic little ewok. And the "concerned parents" at Shay's school were unbearable. Shane's heartfelt speech about how taking care of Shay has given her life meaning made me throw up a little.

But excuse me, Judes. Aren't we forgetting the strip gin rummy scene? Those two girls were pretty, even though Helena wouldn't show her itty bitty titties. And I believe there was a nip slip when Marlee and Jennifer Bealls were rolling around. Not that anyone cared.

Shane without her clothes looks like a lizard. I likeeee!!!

Judy McBoobie

You're right--I forgot to mention the gin-rummy nip action. It was just so unerotic, I guess I blocked it. And I believe Ms. Beals has a no-boobies clause, so while we did get close, the nips were always covered. I wonder if she--like I've heard is the case with Sarah Jessica Parker--has inverted nipples. Hmm. Otherwise, I don't get why she doesn't put them out there. I liked the matching tank tops.

I think Shane's super sappy speech made me not hot for her. Gross.


the anorexic nakedness in the rummy scene was a bit depressing, though. that's why you blocked it, judes.


Beals' boobs looked a tad droopy to me. Thus spared.


the only reason why i still watch is the hope that at some point we might actually get to see some sex. thank god i d***load episodes, so i can fast forward to the semi-interesting parts (truth be told, nothing interesting is going on this season!!) of episodes :P


The Beals' boobs actually look like the best on the show. In fact let's be happy to be spared Pam Grier's boobs.

Judy McBoobie

Bette has a banging bustline! You're nuts, Murkin! Either that or you've been looking at too much porn--unless they're pumped full of silicone, normal c-cups do not stand at attention while the owner is laying down.


It's pretty obvious Jennifer Beals has a nip clause in her contract because (much to my dismay) we've never gotten even close to seeing the Bealsaboobs—which must be something because Bette sure gets action, from horny carpenters to horny TAs. The Alice-Tasha storyline is completely far-fetched, considering the taste in women Alice has demonstrated in past seasons, but then far-fetchedness has never been a problem for the Chaiken. Actually, I kinda like that in her.

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