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Cute swimsuit! She really fills it out, too.

I liked that "things my boyfriend says" website -- until it started reminding me too much of Bush.


***I*** want L-Word recaps. Does that count for nothing in this world?

I saw Lily Allen on SNL and was totally enchanted. I've been watching her videos on YouTube. Have you seen the one for "Smile"? The gist is, her bf cheats on her, so she pays kids to pound on him, and then pays other kids to trash his flat (they're Brits, so they live in flats) while she has coffee with him. And while he's in the loo, she slips ex-lax in his coffee. So then he goes home and finds a trashed apt., gets those special ex-lax cramps, but his toilet is full of clothes from the vandals. Ooooh, I love it!!!


nice suit, judy. though i think you need a couple big macs. i can see your ribs. har.


Maybe she just wanted to woman's bunny. Did she have a large pot of boiling water in the car?


those people are not your friends!! L word recaps, please.


no, i heart judy. i sign my emails to her with x's and o's. (dammit!) xo

Judy McBikiniWearer

A ha! I hadn't even realized Michelle was one of the L-Word haters! I'll be back with more L next week! Bwah ha ha!


ha, i've never even SEEN the L Word. but if i had cable i suspect i'd be watching, if only to see cybil go down on a woman. awesome.


I too am a Cybil fan Judy! And seeing her go down on Alice? Wowza. Unfortunately, I don't think syndication of the L Word is coming to Romania any time soon. So keep up the recaps!

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