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Well I am glad you resurfaced. I miss your column from the New York Press but then I didn't because I stopped reading the crappy paper altogether, and now the Lusty Lady gets pushed aside for the most appalling drivel I have read in a long time, and I read every word, hoping that there would be something funny in amongst all the whingeing, and all I can think of is these two are the mothers and cannot figure out how to get fucked, what on earth are they able to tell their fucking children. And the Village Voice is out of touch, the NYT just pointed out in an article on Tuesday if any of this stuff is to believed that 51% of women are living ALONE, so why waste time on a column about mothers. It is just not interesting. I loved your dategirl columns. Your writing is sharp and twisted and funny.


Oh no! I saw the cover of the Voice, but haven't picked it up yet this week. I was worried that the addition of a new column meant they'd can an old one. What is wrong with that freakin' paper? They might as well just light the place on fire, burn it to the ground, and put in a GAP. The Voice we knew is over.

michelle goodman

this is more depressing than the evicted grandpa. what were THEY thinking? i leave the east coast for 15 years and everything goes to shit. fuck. i might as well cancel my visit this spring. nyc truly has nothing to offer me now.


Utter drivel. I don't read sex columns so I can read about women in marriages who can't get laid. Is this what the Village Voice has come to? Ugh!

Judy McOutraged

I think most of the people who read sex columns ARE married and not getting laid. They like to read about someone who's having sex precisely because they're not getting any! Plus, hello?!? the writing SUCKS! Low-rent Nora Ephron rip-off if you ask me.


Jesus the article was pathetic! I wouldn't fuck you either! The irony is that there husbands are surfing sex sites late at night and no new underwear is going to fill in a gap of non-communication.

The shower head?!? What is this like- oh my, being sexual is a secret and should never be talked about accept to thousands in the Village Voice.

Maybe she should ask her husband to watch... but OOPS the bed is not made, you know because sex is all about perfect appearance and fake things...

Maybe their superficial life with Nannys and house keapers is an insight to your overly priviledge lack of reality.

Nice to know the MOTHER MARY/ MARY MAGDALENE WHORE motif is supported in Park Slope....

Wow, I wonder why I am not married?

These are the women that give me evil eyes at the bakery when I go into horrible baby carriage bitch land. Sorry you married to fit a stereotype and OMG are unhappy- suprise, suprise!

Your friend should be SO happy that she can move on from a terrible paper that thinks I want to hear about these self involved annoying women....


lusty deserves and will get much better, for sure.

judy, i must tell ya, honey--you are brilliant--this line is pure joy--Are you there, God? It's me, Toni Bentley's Asshole.

give 'em hell, judes


irrespective of the author's point of view, that column was far better written than any of rachel kramer bussel's has ever been.

Judy McIncredulous

Thanks for your input, Mr. Carmichael!

I am not Star Jones

I read the whole thing because I'm actually the world's first living brain donor.

Here's why I think the one who isn't getting laid wrote it:

to turn on her husband in that passive-aggressive way he LOVES SO MUCH; thus guaranteeing her sex because he got so hard just thinking about her complaining about their lacklusting sex life in the VV.

Also, there's something a little sad about people who have nannies for their children but can't figure out how to have the nanny babysit their little darlings so the parents can go to some hotel and have monkey sex at least once in awhile.

I mean, damn.

Rachel Kramer Bussel

I am not Star Jones - marry me? That brain donor line made me literally laugh out loud.


I looked at her dress, it was black. "Nice dress", I said. She had the same dress on that I had on. We were going out until ten. We would be back by eleven. We would park in the parking lot....

Someone kill me, please! People get PAID to write this?

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