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Mmmmm, kitten pizza...with extra sauce!

More people need to turn in their kids for cats!

The funny thing is, now that more of my friends are having (or about to have) das kinder, I find myself holding my tongue. I want to say, "Hey, ____, how's the parasitical grub growing in your belly doing?" But I can't! These people are my friends--and besides, nothing I'm saying is going to stop them. Only when they hit bottom, will they realize the nightmare of child addiction.


Yes! Given that my affection for cats is much stronger and more natural than for kids, I am ALL for this movement. Not to mention, there's a great acronym in there too-
KILK (Kits instead of Kids)
CABAMA (Cats Are Better and More Adorable)
MILK (Meowsers In Lieu of Kids) get the idea.



KILK should be KIK- itchy trigger paw.

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