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the rich are different from you and I: they have ice water in their veins

When I hear stories like this, it gets me so disgusted I *want* the Red Chinese to invade, so people like the grandchildren in this story can get taught about suffering at the end of a bayonet.

But unfortunately, these grandkids will probably have enough $$$ to bribe the guards, and it'll be Dategirl, the Big Greek and I digging ditches for Chairman Mao's ghost...

michelle goodman

the pigs.


this broke my heart too. has no one stepped forward to offer him a new home?

i wish i could say that no self-respecting new yorker would rent his old apartment, but we all know that's not true.


Handshake agreement? Oh, how quaint. This old coot doesn't seem to understand that I've hot a high speed internet bill to pay, alimony, child support, a house in the Hamptons I've got to have remo'd, and Apple just came out with a really ragin' iPhone that I just gotta have.
Without Dignity,

If Bush can kill a few hundred thousand folks and be secure in his job and sleep at night, who's going to miss this fossil?

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