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Half the Volvos in front of our local gay bars have child-seats in them. The "we're separated" line works, that's why people still use it and other still fall for it.
I'm assuming the writer is a male. Isn't he?


Yup, I've nearly fallen for the married but separated (or very soon to be) line.... not good. Bad for all parties involved.

That's why I only have two golden rules: 1) No dating married people. 2) No dating co-workers.

Everything else goes....well pretty much.


I think the co-worker rule is the best, because co-workers cannot be deleted from you speed-dial and forgotten about. I dated one when I was a teacher in Germany and ended up quitting a very nice job over it. What an idiot I was (am?)!

Judy McSluttypants

I've successfully dated many a coworker. Married/otherwise engaged people have proved far more problematic in my life.

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