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Take 50 bucks out of your piggy bank, lay it on Chicago. You will then understand football, Grasshopper!

michelle goodman

i have a confession: my boyfriend wore me down after three years and now i TOTALLY LOVE football. that night of the worst storm in seattle history? we were at the seahawks game! i swear.

i want chicago to go DOWN since they crushed the seahawks in the playoffs. and that game you were watching with the patriots-colts? so freaking exciting. i actually get teary-eyed when the good guys win. scary, i know.

Judy McTouchdown

Horse racing, soccer, basketball. . . all sports I can deal with. But I will never ever like football. It is far too slow moving and if I'm going to watch athletes, they'd best either be pretty horses or showing mama some skin.


What, the tight pants the football players wear don't do it for you??

What happened last night on LWord?
Did Jenny get hit by a bus??
I'm waiting with baited breath for your wrap-up!

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