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Statin' the oblivious

Yes, Judy you're the only one who finds it amazing that a millionaire rock star with a ginormous cock gets all the hot cootchie he wants.

Judy McSkeeved

Tommy Lee, I can see. Even Alice Cooper has a certain charm. But this dude seriously creeps me out. I think it's the no-eyebrows thing, because I can generally forgive a weak chin.

Statin' the oblivious

And in the 1940s, there were people who were stunned that the bobby-soxers were going gaga over that gawky beanpole from Hoboken, Frank Sinatra.
But Mr. Sinatra went on to boff Ava Gardner and, well, just about anybody else he wanted to.

Rather than be all in a tizzy about how Manson gets these babes, I'm disgusted that he's got so much action going on that he can easily let go such lustworthy females like Rose McGowan or Dita Van T.

PS: What the hell do you mean Alice Cooper has a "certain charm"? The Coop RULES! 'Nuff said.

Judy McSkeeved

The Coop rules, but not in a naked way. (Though I would entertain that before MM.)

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