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I don't think the Lithuanian registered your reading material. He was probably thinking of his yellow peril, no doubt.


Was the truss in evidence? And Judes, please. Only a girl in a serious relationship would venture out looking like that. Sheesh. Even Lithuanians know that much.


How can the Lithuanian say hello when he walks around with his head up his ass??


you worry too much. screw him.

Judy McHaHa

Jules, you have the Lithuanians confused--and it was support hose, not a truss!

hiding guilt trips in rants

Judes, you should be worrying about your BOOK! Not about the Lith-o-loonian. You're doing that psychomicalogical thing where you worry like hell over stupid shit rather than the real important stuff, like finishing the book...and returning my phone calls...
And another thing, wear your bag-lady look with PRIDE! If you're out'n'about, strutting your stuff uber-crazy-style, if someone looks at you even slightly cross-eyed, just think to yourself, "You best not be staring, or I will knock you down, take your money, go buy some Lee Press-On Nails, and then come back and find you and put out your eyes with my new Lee Press On Nails!"
When I'm on the subway, that's what I'm always thinking--and it works!


Don't worry how you looked, because he spent the rest of the day thinking about why his current woman takes 2 hours to get ready when you were always ready for fun. No matter how long it's been for me I always remember the good times with a woman and never the bad. He's focusing on all the good you had together and wasn't necessarily checking you out as a new conquest.
The grass is always greener for men, even in sweat pants.

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