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Circles! And the thing with the kid didn't even bother me that much, because he barely spoke except to announce that he planned to barf, and there was not adorable, precocious cuteness to make *me* barf.

Still, enough with that already. He's keeping Shane from what she needs to do. Which is: learn the circles thing and come to my house.

Judy McBarfy

You're right--the fact that the kid was mostly mute was key. But didn't you think we were gearing up to a JT Leroy moment when he got in the 18-wheeler? I sure did! At least Kit had the sense to get an abortion. Enough with the babies--more boobies!


hearing that jenny's book got ripped to shreds by the wienerdog just seriously made my day.

Judy McLaffy

As an added bonus we got to see some Showgirls-level bad acting as Jenny went apeshit about the review.


Yes, I know in my office that hectoring the receptionist and trashing the flower arrangement definitely leads to a rethinking of one's genius.


poetic justice, through and through.


wow, i thought that was the older sister from Roseanne--not the matarazzo chick. good eye, judes. or maybe you looked it up.
i wouldn't go so far as to say the show redeemed itself. oy vey. magic circles? hello!!!! magic circles?
and i thought the show would be better off if the show made Gavankar a superstar Punjabi. like she could have made her entrance with alice in an Indian restaurant, etc.

Judy McCircle

I HATED "Welcome to the Dollhouse" and completely over-identified with the Weinerdog, so I knew it was her off the bat.

And hey, some of us are curious about them magic circles! It reminds me of that silly butterfly thing from LA Law a million years ago.


I am surprised to hear you hated Dollhouse, Judes, given your love of Ugly Betty. The sleazy lead singer of Weinerdog's brother's band (the big crush) is now Betty's Daniel.


Circles? Seriously? Didn't Seinfeld already do this lame bit with the counterclockwise-swirl?

Judy McUnhappyChildhood

Ugly Betty is heartwarming! WTTD was just depressing and ugly. And it hit way too close to home. But even his movies that aren't about ugly misfits bother me. I just find them relentlessly and inexplicably negative and awful. Just one horrible thing after another. Who needs it.

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