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The Rev McLuvsJudy

Oh my God! are you blugging?

Judy McBuyMyBook

I've only just begun.


yeah, what are you doing talking to us? (wink, wink) time to hit the keyboard, lady.

this article will make you feel better; i believe you have just completed step 1:

when i first read this article, i cracked up (or perhaps cringed) with recognition.

Judy McBlankPage

Holy cow! I'm already on Step Two!!! I loved that piece!

Welcome to a Winter Whiskey Wonderland!

If you'd come out with me and Tricia the night before for hot apple cider*, Mabel never would have had the kitty squirts! Trust me, I know.

BTW, my dream episode of the "normal" Law & Order is to have that sanctimonious blowhard Sam Waterson get stuck in an elevator with Detectives Munch and Goren as they argue something completely esoteric and bizarre, like the use of pesticides in Thailand in the 1970s. Now *that* would be "must-see TV"!

* = not that we found any hot apple cider out there. But whiskey works, too!


Judy. Judy, judy, judy. Just do your book and don't worry about anything else. Be glad it'll all be over by February. True hell is doing a book that takes months and months and months.


I feel ya, Judy. I've got the same problem. I'm doing an anthology filled with OTHER people's writing and it seems impossible to kick my ass to do it.

Mabel needs to cut down on the Mexican.


Congrads on the book. Now hunker down and poop it out!

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