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Dogmas never get hit by Karmas in this neighborhood

Gosh Judy, that's not what Karma's about at all!

If Karma exists, what will happen is that the Dead Boyfriend Thief (DBT) will be wasting away from some disease and she will learn about how her boyfriend has been shtupping one of the nurses in the supply closet. And stealing her morphine.

Anyway, folks need to stop looking to Karma (or JESUS!) in helping salve their wounds. If you see the DBT, feel free to walk right up to her and SMASH HER ONE IN THE CHOPS! Why not? She stole your bf!
Oh, you'll go to jail? C'mon Judy, you could wriggle out of that in a heartbeat!
I dare ya to physically attack the DBT! And in the spirit of the greatest Xmas movie ever, I double-dog dare you!


Judes, you and I both know that looking good is the best revenge. Don't resort to violence! Karma is going to get that toxic little moppet -- probably already has.

michelle goodman

with any luck, she will wind up a bloated suburban soccer mom with a furniture salesman husband and two hellion daughters like the (living) boyfriend thief in my life.


My boyfriend thief wears clogs and never got a job -- lived off her parents and now her husband. Need I even say it? Her kid is named "Zoe." Barf.


I'm sure it burns when she pees.

His Holy Reverendness, El Guapo Grande Greco!

Maybe we can come to believe she is in physical therapy for some horribly painful and humiliating ailment that has her doing anal aerobics or something equally putrid - when Karma fails my imagination does fine. Give it a try - think HERNIA!
If you think it it may come.


i don't have any problem with people that my exs cheated on me with. they hadn't made a promise to me. half the time they didn't even know that i existed. if your ex would sleep around behind your back, they most likely lied about having a girlfriend too.

actually it's funny... i ended up becoming friends with one of the people an ex cheated on me with and she ended up getting me hired at her office where i stayed for 5 years

Judy McGrudgeholder

Nah, she knew me and about me. She actually did me a favor by boyfriend-stealing (she got him just as he was entering the adult diaper years!), so I'm not actually angry. I just wished I'd been looking a little cuter that day!


As the guy whose wife ran off with Jerry Seinfeld said, "she's his problem now."
The most gracious and truthful reply to a hurtful situation ever. Classic!

I am not Star Jones

because of this post
i'm going to start taking a bit more care when choosing my running errands outfits and wear lipstick --

i'm feeling some now married exes will be crossing my path in the new year.

big sister

karma isn't about what the other people deserve, it's about what you deserve.

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