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mothers are oppressed (she said bitterly)...

val their children

Mommas, Don't Raise Your Babies to be Ostriches

Well! That "Jenriot" (I'm a mommy *and* I'm a grrrrrrrrl!), she's shure gonna raise herself one really open-minded kid: "See, Baby Tyler, if you don't like someone's position on a hot-button topic, you don't even have to know what they've said. Just start protesting!"

i hate kids (except for my own)

oy vey.
As a responsible parent who might be in the market for a vasectomy and is pro-abortion, i can proudly say that this woman is a freak. Your story rocked Judy. What's up with wasting the time and energy on commenting on something you haven't read yet?
Clearly she has regrets and is a miserable parent.


Everyone on the BUST boards (jncluding me) is fucking crazynuts.


i hate mommies, they're fucking idiots. i especially hate mommies who blog. people don't get that all this cool super mommy drinking in williamsburg shit is kind of a 50s recap. moreover, they expect people, especially at the office, to make accomodations to their goddamned mommyhood. if i could i would go to somebody like dooce's house and take a shotgun to their computer.


what the hell is your bust article about? i hope it's about women who become mommies become idiots, and women who were idiots before the had kids become amy sohn.

Judy McNotAMommyHater

Okay, first I'd like to point out that Val actually is a mom to two gorgeous daughters. The article is about being a woman who has chosen not to have kids and the crap you wind up catching for that decision. I don't hate moms. Some of my best friends are moms! (I've always wanted to use a variation on that line!)


i still hate mommies. i say: if you want to go to your kid's play, take off when they're sick etc. take a 2nd tier job. don't leave it for people like me to cover for you. also, please don't tell me about your goddamned kids' accomplishments, i have no interest.

I am not Star Jones

sounds like your article (even unread) struck a conflicted nerve for someone.

I wish mothers like this would dedicate as much energy to improving child care resources as they do to slagging on women who chose not to breed.

michelle goodman

i read the article. it's fab. highly recommended. especially for those annoying moms on their high rocking horses who think that all childfree women should bow at their feet.

some of my best friends are moms too (AND jewish!), but they know better than to try to shove their own choices down my throat or show me pix of the afterbirth or anything.


I have not read her rant yet, but I imagine that it's very stupid and that she's an idiot.

Rachel Kramer Bussel

My imagination always helps me when I'm commenting on people's writing.

michelle goodman

on a totally different note, i love that judy's alter ago was a 50s roller derby queen. (!) when i googlebate, which i admit to doing often, no doubt because my childfree life is utterly meaningless, another writer named michelle goodman comes up. she writes serious medical books on oncology nursing. this kind of makes me feel guilty, thinking that someone might accidentally accuse this very serious medical professional of being the author of something dirty or snarky i've written. i, of course, am always proud to own up to having written her $100-a-pop cancer nursing books whenever anyone asks.

Judy McDoGooder

There's also a Judy McGuire who does needle exchange and harm reduction in Vancouver, which was kind of weird when I was working with junkies. I would pretend to be her. Or the Harley Davidson dealer. But not Judy McGuire, missionary or Coldwell Banker.

michelle goodman

ooooh, a harley dealer. lucky!

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