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When the blonde lead the blonde, they fall into ditches

Jesus H. Titty-Fuckin' Christ in a Chicken Basket! First, "The L Word," now *this*!?!

This show is SO bad that when I was trapped out in Carlsbad, California, Middle-of-Nowhere, USA, last week, I couldn't even watch it. Yep, a trio of plastic blondies and their jigglin' piglets couldn't drag me away from staring at the wall.

Judy, you are NOT sharing your special magical reefer with me, are you? No, you're not. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Judy McGrieving

I said it was embarrassing, didn't I? I look at the show sort of like how Jane Goodall looked at the apes. Fascinating creatures; completely alien to my existence. God bless their big boobies because without those and their massive mops of blonde hair they'd be like blind little kittens in a hailstorm. Meow!


i have discovered that if i tilt my butt to the right i get more advances at the bar. when i go left i just get the brush off. go figure!

Judy McGrieving

See! We have much to learn from the blonde monkeys!

Shakespeare Yer Money-Makers!

Q: If 100 blonde monkeys typed at 100 typewriters for 100 years, would they come up with Hamlet?

A: No.

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