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Was watching A Christmas Story of course...spotted the tinsel. Ah, nostalgia.

Haven't used tinsel in years.


Cats are really plotting to somehow grow to 290lbs and use you as a chew-toy. They're mostly bummed that they're so small, mostly.


Maybe Mabel needs a book.

felicia Sullivan

that kitty is delish! delish!

Judy McCatLady

Actually, Mabes prefers Sudoku.

Rev McMerryopulos

A funny aside -
The guy that sells those trees sold his very last tree to some Turkey's Nest regulars - In a drunken stupor these folks then supposedly lugged that tree upstairs to the apartment of one bartenders from the TN that is away on vaccation. They somehow got in to his crib and put said tree in his bed and then covered it with a blanky. Merry Pine Needles Up Yer Ass for a Month!

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