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What's the tune? Can you post an audio clip?

CHUDs, Morlocks and Molemen are what delay the "L" train--I know!

So why didn't you start singing that song when Mr. McDrunky was interrupting our "how to cook turkey" discussion on the train this morning, hmmmmmmmmm?

(I know, I know--because I would've started laughing too hard and fallen onto the train tracks...)


i so could have used this song the other day when a friend got mad at me for admitting that i've been getting into football lately. like i broke the feminist code or something. ha.

Judy McSingingSensation

Unfortunately, I don't have the tech-savvy to post an audio clip. But don't all songs sung by three-year-olds kind of sound the same? The melody isn't as important as the message with this baby.

THAT kid's mom

Upon being informed of this important use of her song, she proudly performed a new version: "Vagima, vagima, dirty pootie, vagima. Dirty vagima, bobbin hole..." So, no worries, she's not too sophisticated at 5.


Oh, great ... another one of THOSE songs that will stay in my head for two days and a week ... right behind Jimmy Crack Corn and Disneyland's (dare I say it?) It's a Small, Small World.

Funny stuff. (smile)

Judy McSadFace

While I applaud my young friend's freestylin' new lyrics, I am saddened that she's reached an age where the "pootie" has become something "dirty." Ditto the vagima. I feel that as her mom, it's your responsibility to sit her down and give her a talking to about her most precious lady flower and its friend the brown rose.


I sing this song almost daily now to get through the trenches and I recently taught it to my cousin. She has two little girls under the age of 2 and insists on calling their vulva's "birds." I figured this was a better way to approaching the technical terms. During a diaper change I sat with one of the girls and was singing and clapping along to the song. I hope it sticks.

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