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shit like this makes my blood boil too. i take offense at the implication that keeping your god-given bod (complete with curves and -- omigosh! -- eating!!), and teeth (as opposed to those nasty hollywood veneers), and hair (what's so crappy about a thick brunette mane? i get loads of compliments on mine) are considered ugly. it's this bimbette -- trying with all her measly might to maintain her "inner beauty" while donning the "ugly suit" -- who's the uglyass motherfucker in the room. sad that all she has to go on in life is her looks. that may not work out so well for her once she ages 10 or 20 years.


Dr. Phil did this same segment maybe a year ago (and I think he ripped it off from Dateline or 20/20). Dr Phil's hot son did the same thing: some makeup artist got him all 'uglified', he walked around trying to talk to people. Suprise-suprise, he came to the conlusion as Vapid Vannessa (duh).

I was livid after watching that stupid Dr Phil, but this Vannessa story, makes me batshit nusto.... mostly because other than the attrocious clothing they've got her in (eww leggings), and the braces, that's me. Great. Now I need another F'in cocktail. Because that'll help.

Just think, I'm one crystal meth habit away from being as hot as Vannessa (accoridng to ET).

Judy McFugly

I remember that Dr. Phil episode, mostly because his kid is pretty funny looking to begin with. Not ugly, just weird looking, with those overly manscaped eyebrows. The kid went on to marry some Playboy Bunny looking bim', so I guess that whole "inner beauty" thing turned out to be overrated after all.


Gwyneth did the same thing, in prep for "Shallow Hal." She went to a bar in her fat suit and was really kind of upset that no one would look her in the eye (or show her to the VIP area). This was generally greeted as a Nobel Prize-worthy discovery.


know what? tyra did it too. same thing: 'i liked it better being pretty.' and: ' "fat" people are discriminated against.' newsflash.

I am not Star Jones

for this, I hope Nick gives her numerous STDs.

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