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ellen barkin is great. she can throw a glass of water on me anytime.

yesterday i dislocated my shoulder carrying my dog.



that nypost story was a real pick-me-up.

go ellen barkin!

Pot calling kettle black

I love her parting line to the vile Peril Man's latest trophy: "I feel sorry for you that you have to [bleep] him tonight."

It *is* too bad she didn't have a glass of hydrochloric acid (or sulfuric acid, which leaves worse scars than HC acid, or aqua regia, which is used to dissolve some metals), because more of those scumbag billionaires need to be horribly mutilated or killed.

Meanwhile, on the flip side: didn't Barkin know what she was getting into?
Ron Peril Man is not like the lothario you might meet at the local watering hole--there's *lots* of info out there about how wretched a creature he is. A Hollywood star doesn't check out the background of her billionaire boyfriend? Oh, because he's *changed!* Riiiight, I get it.

Judy McGoldDigger

Have you seen a photo of Ron Perelman? Unless he's packing a cannon in those pants (which I'm guessing is pretty unlikely), there's only ONE reason ladies date him. And that's for his dough. Which should make me feel less vindictive on Barkin's behalf, but somehow doesn't.


maybe pereleman was barkin's belzer?

Judy McBelzer

Don't debase the Belz by comparing him to that asshat!!!!!

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