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that darn mabel!


i find it plenty hi-larious. but wait—was the crash/skitter/yowl-fest because she had a dingle issue and was highly perturbed by her inability to eject the clingy poo? (so clever of her to then dispose of it with a rub-a-dub-dub of the kitty butt onto your floor.)

Judy McCatStory

She thought the poop was following her! Boy, was she pissed! It was so funny that I didn't even mind doing the clean-up!

Pot calling kettle black

I love posts that are thisclose to crazy lady status...

Judy McCatStory

Dear Mr. Pot,
I think that by writing stories about my cat's ass I am no longer "thisclose," but have fully crossed over into crazy lady territory.


and we have followed you there, like the poo-berry smeared upon mabel's bum.

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