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I found that article so strange. Especially the part with the VLG- a guy who she admitted she only went out with, what, twice? Do we have confirmation it was a joke?


omg, you wrote a piece on women who don't feel the need to breed? i love you, i love you! i'm so with you. i cannot wait to read it!!!!! racing to the p.o. now to get my copy. btw, what's your essay on in single state? feel free to write me in private (or ignore me) if it's a secret.

Judy McBitchy

No secret. It's about how the hardest thing about moving in with someone after you've been single for a long time is holding in your farts. Because I am one classy dame!

I am not Star Jones

why does ny magazine continue to print her stupid self-absorbed blather?

and is it me, but has she gotten worse since she birthed the baby?


cool, judy, and hilarious. i can't wait to read it. mine's called "house without a spouse," about how buying a shack of my own seemed to horrify everyone under the sun, given that i wasn't buying property or moving in with my boyfriend.


btw, i NEVER hold in my farts. then again, i have a dog to blame. heh.


Don't say "vomit-stain"! It gets me all hot and I'm at work.


there is no need to hold in my farts because j's middle name is SBD. emphasis on the "D."

and why is vomit such a turnon for germans?!


WTF. I hardly ever read ny mag, and never this column, until today. WOW. She might be the most CMF alive (or, I should say, crazy mother fucker).


The article was funny, but in a shrivle-your-lady-parts kind of way. I don't think I have much of a propensity towards breeding already, but that little bit of prose sure scared the fertility right out of me.

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