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I always loved your mom. I still remember many great moments, most of which were overheard from downstairs late at night. My favorite I think was when she told your sister that "you girls are too loose with your boyfriends". God knows what she heard that night, but I always managed to stay on the parent-pleasing side of things. Either that or she unloaded on her daughters instead of on the guys that couldn't stay away.
Thanks for the story Judy. I wish I could have heard her sing. What an amazing night for everyone, I'm sure.

Judy McSlutty

After years of calling me a slut, my mom finally fessed up—only after she was sick—that my sisters and I had the right idea "trying out a few" before settling down. A few. Ahem.

song, song blue

There I was, about to jump down your throat about the lack of posts--and especially the lack of Halloween photos--and you drop this bittersweet bomb, and I have to shut my mouth--although I did manage to get my gripe in, didn't I? Sorry...

Yarrr, every day the old Pretenders song "My City Was Gone" gets more and more airplay in my mental jukebox. It's getting harder and harder to recognize the city I grew up in.

BTW, I'm sorry I never got to meet your mom--I bet she would've seen *right through* my Eddie Haskell routine: "Why, hell-oh Mrs. McG! I thought I'd accompany Judy to the Young Christians Reading Guild...Uh, that ziploc bag that fell out of my pocket? It's...oregano! I'm learning how to bake a pizza..."

Do you have any recordings of your mom singing? You should try and post them!


aw, just a lovely post. i, too, would love to hear a recording of your mom.


I remember calling your house and your mom being exasperated that it was me, again. And up to no damn good, obviously. Here's to moms - singing or shrieking. God love those broads.

Judy McHairdon't

Jules, you were the one who gave her baby a mohawk!


i really liked this one.

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