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Girl, I feel the pain (and fun) of the fucked-up family--multiple incarcerations, fatherless babies, and two first cousins who married each other. Holidays are a blast with my family!



where's sue?


What would a family be without absurd dysfunction?
I don't think the McGuire clan was headed in a Manson direction. To me, what you described was more like characters from a really good Mike Leigh film.
And here's my tangential story for the day:
My friend Lynn, who's about to turn 60 is full of great stories. One of them goes like this: She was driving toward her house in the Hollywood Hills and decided she would pick up a hitchhiker (it was the late 60's). She picks up a guy and his friend and they ask her if they can go to her house and take a shower. So she says sure. On they go. The taller, bearded more brooding one finishes his shower and then asks Lynn if she wants to have sex. She says no and he says OK - and off the dudes go continuing their walk through the hills. Two weeks go by and Lynn figures out that Charles Manson who's all over the news by now, is the same guy she picked up hitchhiking. She's got some other stories - like when she used to wait tables with Rickie Lee Jones in Santa Monica; but none are as good as the Chuck Manson story.

I am not Star Jones

frankie doesn't have your phone number, right?

Howz about some cake?

Good point, I am not Star Jones. For that, and so many other ugly reasons, I remain unlisted.

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