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In the late 80's there was a city-wide stomach virus going on that produced instant "bathroom emergencies". I had one friend who had to poop behind a dumpster in an ally. He grew up in Africa so it really wasn't a big deal. Another not so lucky friend got stuck on the train during rush hour. She held it in as long as she could and then she just got down on her knees and let it rip. People were really nice to her but when she told me the story I was laughing so hard, I started to cry. It was a combo of being totally repulsed and incredulous all at the same time.


that guardian article totally uses the phrase "foul play"!! puunnnnny!!!

Where the shits just keep a'comin'!

Totally disgusting--but amazing! No one mentions whether they think he's a disgruntled London Tube employee, though...

The tale of the Mad Shitter: a hero to everyone stuck in a cubicle job (or any job) and a hero to those of us who like to poop!

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