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Don't blame me, I voted for Nelson Muntz! His motto? Apocalypse now!

But Judy, Fartrucker is a DEMOCRAT! You can't be against the Dems, no matter how shitty and dirty and retarded and backstabbing and useless and pathetic they are, because at least they're not Repooblikans, those wicked baby-eaters and kitten-stranglers!

(But why keep on voting for SLOW DEATH with either the Dems or the Reps? Give me a candidate who'll set off 20 neutron bombs randomly across the US--or at least brings back the draft--and I'll show you a candidate who gets my vote!)

BTW, keep an eye out for apts for me & Tricia! We're looking!

Being a Mom

Why don't you type your post in WORD and then paste it in, so if it's eaten you will have a backup? I mean, this has happened more than once, so...

Judy McBooty

I can't type it in word because then it pastes all wonky. But thanks, mom!

And, uh oh, you're looking already?!?

Isabelle Dolce

Scarlett Johannson is one of my pet peeves. What is up with her being voted The Sexiest Woman in the World? I've seen prize heifers who were more enticing.


will you still be my cyberfriend if i admit to being in love with peter gabriel circa 1972-3? it's true. he was hot. before he shaved his hair all weird and got into those freakyass costumes. thank god for youtube.

Judy McBadTaste

As someone who finds Richard Belzer and Howard Chaykin both unspeakably hot, I'm not in any position to poke fun at other lady's objets d' lust.

Isabelle, I don't find Scarlett Johannson unattractive, I just don't think she should open her mouth to speak. Ever. (I don't care if she opens it to put stuff in. Not my bizzness.)


Scarlett Johannson is like fish to me. Really, she cannot be the sexiest female on Earth according to Equire.


Anyways I tend to agree with Judy. A bit better than a blow-up doll.

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