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dear dategirl,

thank you for reminding me again and again why i'm glad i no longer live in williamsburg.

yours truly,

ms. crane

p.s. don't worry: those vegans very well may have rotting colons. soy and bread can mess you up righteously.

There's no Jesus, but maybe somebody can hope for the flying saucer people to show up and change thi

Back in the day (before rampant selfish stupidity was the day), your game was called FOOL KILLING! There's a LOT of fools out there, and they ALL need a good killing.

You must add to the body count list:
--Fooking dummies who use a GOD DAMN CREDIT CARD to buy $3.38 worth of Corn Flakes and milk at the supermarket! Whatever happened to raiding the change jar?!?
--The geechy muthafookers who CLIP THEIR NAILS on the subway (or anywhere in public). If I knew kung fu, every time I saw one of these pigs, I'd spit in their faces (the kung fu is to protect me from their retaliation).
--Me, because I realized that it'd be a lot easier just to put me out of my misery, and ship my body off to the Soylent Green factory, than for me to keep coming up with more FOOLS that NEED killing. I'm the fool if I think *anything* is going to change how awful, stupid and selfish the world is getting.


I think I love you. Ha ha, surely Mom didn't tell me I had another sister. Let's ride the subway together, just once. Have a great weekend.

Heater's Got A Gun

oh thank god for you and your venom, i needed it today! bless you, sinner.


I can't believe nobody had anything to say about the short sleeved coat! Who knew there even was such a thing! What is the point of a full-on winter coat with short sleeves? Not even three-quarter length. They hit at mid bicep! Is this what the kids are wearing this year? Isn't that nuts?

Oh, and Ivan, I'm with you on the three-buck credit card chargers. I understand being short of cash, but either get a cash advance (hullo, ATM), or buy some more stuff so you don't piss off everyone around you!!!!! Boy, I'm in a mood today.


considering the fact that i'm already wearing my heaviest coat and it's still october, i certainly see and abhor the idiocy of the shortsleeve coat. she shouldn't be allowed indoors for a solid hour once she's walked outside in the damn thing. that'll learn her.

I am not Star Jones

Spree Killer rules!

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