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Damn you, now I want one, too. Please eat one and report back.

Judy's Having a Salad, Thanks!

I'm not taking a bullet for you, Miss Pink Kate! How's about YOU let us know how it tastes!


I'm so terrified of that KFC abomination. I just know I'm going to eat it one day in a moment of weakness--it's got everything a good Southern girl wants: gravy, something fried, cheese, potatoes... It's my kryptonite.

Six more days to Halloween--Silver Shamrock!

While a big pile of junk food glory like this seems specifically designed for me, I can't wrap my head around the fact that all that good artery-clooging wonderfulness is PLOPPED ON TOP OF EACH OTHER. Might as well have it in a bucket, like Mr. Creosote, eh? Is this what the KFC folks think of us? Perhaps...

I'm not what you'd call an anal person, and I'd say my reaction is more a territorial/animalistic one: *I* want to be the one to mix my corn, taters, chicken, cheese food product etc. together.


YOU SO STOLE MY BLOG ENTRY! I was sooo going to write about this KFC goop!


ahhh - KFC's answer to the glorious 7-layer dip!

about those buildings:
way to build something that looks like it belongs in downtown White Plains. so ugly. that said, the floorplan of the 2 bedroom looks fabulous!
as an aside: i rode the L train for the first time in ages the other day and it was PACKED! i can't even imagine what the impact of all those new people moving into high-rises will be. oh wait, i can - unbearably crowded trains.

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