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wow, i thought it was just me. jon doesn't read anything of mine either, nor does he have any interest in my photography. (nor does he think that moving house for a month gives me any right to be exhausted.)


My boyfriend reads every word I write -- I quiz him closely at the end of every day, and make him dissect leads and transitions. Or no dinner.

Judy McBooty

Not reading at all is better than smelly Kevin-With-The-Cat-On-His-Head who told me that my writing was not his "favorite thing," with an ugly smirk. But now he's a famous film director. Or was that nearly homeless drunken wastrel?


Loved the column! My boyfriend thinks I'm ravishing when I first wake up--morning breath, stubbly legs, pillow creases on my face and all... men are a mystery.


getting my mate to look at my work is often like pulling teeth - so it's not only a male thing. maybe this is just a reminder that egos need to be brought down to size every now and then.
i used to think i had no ego or not much of one but lately i've realized i have a giant ego. it just doesn't need validation from anyone else.


I know -- I was only joking. My boyfriend wouldn't wipe his ass with my ouvre. But you know, God bless him anyway.

I am not Star Jones

andrea peyser wants foxy. BAD.

The Muser

Oh, Judy, I'm sorry, but that made me want to pee my pants reading this. A tantalizing chunk of dark nipple? HA HA HA HA. I really, really needed to laugh, since I am in recent, painful, post-breakup mode at the moment. So, thanks for making me smile.

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