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I am not Star Jones

baby, you deserve it.


do we get some pics of you poolside?

or at least some close ups of you sucking down a bloody mary on your floaty thing?


u blogging from P-town, judes?


There will be no poolside pics, though there may be blogging. Especially if I win at L Word Trivia night!


you so totally deserve this, and i think it sounds like an awesome vacation. i was giddy as a schoolgirl on my 2.5-day trip to fire island in june. away from NY is away from NY! and big thumbs up to your floaty thingy! that will be fun. excellent idea.


i thought cape cod was the northeast's answer to hawaii. really! it's gorgeous and you don't have to sit on a plane for half a day to get there.
take the dune buggy tour!


My last trip was 10 years ago to Quebec, or the poor people's France, as it is otherwise known. I'm also going on a trip soon, to Philadelphia, which is just like Manhattan, only before Guiliani cleaned it up. Hookers and muggers and pimps, oh my! But I digress. Have fun on your trip!


Have a great trip sister!!
You should plan your next get away whilst on your floatie!


Ok, ok, I guess there are some good reasons to live on the right coast. Three hundred miles to a really nice beach. Where I live a three hundred mile drive won't even get you to the state line. Mooo. What am I doing here? Jeebus.

No cabbage or curry here.

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