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I want to read it!

Stupid Times.

All the booze that's fit to drink

Judy...are you holding out on us? Are you writing things that you're NOT putting on your blog? Shhhhhhhame on you!


Think you might share sometime soon?


hey fabulous, have you pitched this to salon? they ignore me when i pitch, but it's worth a go.


i wuz gonna ask the same thing

I feel like there's another place for this piece -
somewhere just as reputable but maybe a little more open-minded than the Times.

I am not Star Jones

i'd rather read your article than some of the other self-indulgent pablum
that gets published in the column.

please let us know if you sell it elsewhere.


Ah, you should have included a part about how you're now living in Park Slope (with a husband and baby you absolutely adore). The Times eats up stuff like that with a spoon.


Just keep in mind that Kurt Vonnegut was writing for small mags until he was around 47 and suffering similar rejection until he published "Slaughterhouse Five". Now everything he's ever written is in print. Don't let the bastards get you down.


"don't let the bastards get you down" has been one of my mantras for surviving this city. so much so that in the uglier days of working for a certain alt weekly, i made a password out of part of it, so that every time i logged in to one of my accounts, i was reminding myself about the bastards and not letting 'em pull an albatross on me.

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