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Wait a minute. I'm sorry, but -- his...."bag"?


His murse! Spyro is a proud owner of a manbag.


I only wish I could've seen it!

And "bag"? Heck, a Charles Bronson-type like Spyro is more than man enough to carry a bag--even one with pink sparkly thingies!

Heh-heh, "thingies...."

BTW Jules, do you think that Huntsman Corp. didn't sell its US petrochem assets to SABIC because it would look bad on any of Gov. Jon Huntsman's future political plans?


Wouldn't it be cool if Judy changed her name to


this rules—what a hoot! spyro, rock on!! i just cheered at my desk. absurd and hilarious on many a level. if you've ever seen spyro, you'd know he is not the most obvious candidate for bag thievery. and that the bag thief would cry to the cops after being thwarted by spyro's fast footwork and steely fist... oh oh oh, i have to go pee myself laughing now.

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