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The Incredible Headshrinking Man

Judy! Didn't you know about the magical powers of Big Greeks? They can be ALL of those men! Try it, you'll like it!

The Heart Is A Lonely Heater

Do you mean to tell us that you have the same sort of feelings towards that young, pretty thing that you have for the others? You actually think Adrien is H.O.T.????


Of course not! But I would've liked a dirty dream!


Adrian is what happens when the Irish mate with Native Americans, FYI. I think he's dreamy -- loved him in "Drive Me Crazy."


my friend Karen-from-the-desert saw him on a plane and said he was "a truly beautiful human".

I think Izzie from Grey's Anatomy is hot. but I would hate to go vacuum shopping with her.


He used to come into a restaurant i worked at in willy before he got famous. he is lovely to look at. he was super nice too...he apologized for his roommate, my co-worker, who was doing a low-grade, yet quite unpleasant, stalk on my ass.
judy thinks he's hotter than belzer!

Judes Loves the Belz!

He's not hotter than Belzer!!!!

I am not Star Jones

the vacuum cleaners may be a stand in for vibrators?

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